​I'm still missing quite a bit here. There are finished issues that ended up on the cutting floor. Some of those may have had their Volume #'s snatched out from under them by legitimate issues. There are finished issues that i never bothered to simply add lettering to. There are issues that may or may not have been issues. There are rogue issues. There's a small stack of issues done by guest artists and i can't remember who did any of them. There's fan mail not worth printing (Sorry, fans of mail. For what it's worth, i'm weeping with you.). And there's a white three ring binder missing somewhere around here that holds all the secrets. I swear i saw it just the other day, but this apartment is small. Can't keep track of anything around here.

​Eventually i'll get everything half important (and/or not at all important) about this up here.
​I'll announce it when i do. Take a screenshot of your favourite page when i make that announcement. I can not be trusted to keep things alive online.  This whole thing is getting a bit more blurry as i head down this tunnel. The main problem right now is that my filing technique is not unstoppable. Half of this is buried in random boxes that i start to dig through, and then get distracted when i see something shiny.
​The fact that i moved around a lot doesn't help. I lost at least a little during all those moves.

For now, as far as i remember...... 
​These are the only ones that were actually considered "finished".

Again, this is still very much under construction.


I will get better scans up eventually. I will get the rest of these crap comics up eventually. I will straighten this mess out eventually. Keep your pants on, for once in your life..

This is still very much under construction.

Some of those early ones are rough. I don't even remember what the hell this was originally meant to be, but it really sort of improved as it went along.

The fact that i didn't officially manage to get this online until 2014  (late 2014, even)  should give you at least a clue as to how much of a Luddite i really am. (Just look at me trying to make heads or tails of this paint by numbers Mickey Mouse website builder. Hilarious stuff .) ​I had to hijack most of these lousy images from an ancient myspace page because i haven't taken the time (figured out how) to re-scan and clean up better quality versions.  

Meanwhile, if you want a free bumper sticker or 30, contact cklequ@gmail.com.

That asshole has boxes full of them.  They are no longer guaranteed to stick on account of they're a hundred years old (they're still good). So he'll throw in a German circus/variety show cigarette trading card similar to the one seen below to make up for the dead adhesive. Only the first 120 people to ask will get the trading card on account of that asshole only has 120 German circus cigarette trading cards (loser). But they're all different. If you want the one below, specify #44  (Still available, if you can believe it!). Keep in mind that there are much better ones to be had (there are also much worse ones to be had). If there's a particular circus "theme" you dig, he'll hook you up (providing you know your way around the late/early German Circus/Vaudeville crowd). Or if you have a favourite number between  6 and 199, specify that number. He'll send you that card. If he doesn't have it, he'll round up or down to the nearest card and send the better one.... or the stinker, depending on his mood at the moment. 

The trading cards are mostly dance related. So speak up if you want one of the really good ones.