3rd and last..... I have no memory of how this happened. Or that it happened at all. 

Second issue No.Two. Volume 6 Page 16. 

High Times magazine June 1995. The Kids In the Hall just barely beat us for the coveted #26 slot. Still..... #27 isn't bad. 

Though it is an honour to be on the same list as both The Kids In The Hall and WFMU. Even a list as dumb as this.

​Scalzo Realty newsletter 1996. We're on the internet!

Digging through the archives i've stumbled across a bit of long forgotten miscellany.

Fan mail, hate mail, vandalized comics and other random crap. I'll be adding it in bits and pieces.


news of music #14 spring 1993 - winter 1994

​And we didn't even smoke pot. Just looking at this has convinced me that you'd have to be high to even buy this magazine


You love Eve Stahlberger.

Half of this was torn off by somebody who hated it. Half of this is the best love letter we ever got. Guess which half is which.

But I love unconditionally whomever is responsible for the mashups of our characters on the cover. 

We're "published"!


For the record, Retina Soybean was never a comic strip character.

(possibly Jacob Chabot, but it's too early to know for sure)

​Our most recent fan photo.

#1 of three, or three.