This whole thing started as a bad idea in Ridgefield, CT in 1992 or maybe 1993. Sometime in the early 90's at least. Who's keeping track?

*It all started last Fort Sumner, on the way to the Beijing Lop.* 

The drawings were done by Dan Vena (a few exceptions) and the words were all taken care of by John Christopher Morton (a few exceptions).

*It was me, Cheeky Ida, and Wellesley Snips* 

Below is the original sketch that was passed around Dan and John's high school psychology class for feedback. Or maybe it was the finished comic above that was passed around. Who's keeping track? Come to think of it, David Rood might have been keeping track. Ask him.

*We were trying to (Southern) go out of the tree-hole.*

And this is how we chose to spell scurvy back then. Mind your own business. It was the 90's..... We were all spiraling out of control. Spelling scurvy was the least of our concerns.

*​Well, anyway, you know what can happen when you've had one to marry......*