​Update: 12.2014 - I'm determined to finish this one. Disregard everything you read below. Sometimes it takes me 18 years to realize that you don't have to be fluen-t in Japanese to hate Retina Soybean.



This was supposed to be in Japanese. Chris Randolph (of the Volume 14 Randolphs) had a friend who gave me a bunch of strange Japanese phrases, and i was too worried about getting the lettering right, so i never even tried. He assured me that the lettering would come across, but i'm an idiot.

Apologies to the both of them. I always really loved the way this one looked. And i always felt bad about not seeing this one through.

Likely now they're both splitting their time between Kyoto and Tampere, living the high life and wondering how they ever managed to get mixed up in this low brow ball point pen nonsense.


I have finally tracked down the original Nippon she sent (rather, he sent as a photocopy) quite by chance in a somewhat unlikely place.

I am sure there's at least another page of this. Until i track down the rest, this'll do. I'm still way too intimidated by the lettering to pull this off (I guess i could use the internet to my advantage these days, but it wouldn't be the same). 

Sorry again, Stacy. This would have been a classic.

And i REALLY hope i actually remembered to send you guys t-shirts. I have a history of forgetting to do stuff exactly like that.