I barely remember the story here.

John Holowach and Chris Van Dyke had a little comic called Bot-Man and Levine Boy about the adventures of the President and Dean of Bard College. It was no secret that they hated Retina Soybean. It was no secret that most people hated Retina Soybean. What's not to hate? Anyhow, one issue of their comic ended with the heroes heading to Tivoli, NY in an attempt to track down the persons responsible (or something like that). So we hijacked their next issue before they had a chance to draw it up (this is more or less the style they used),  made 1,000 photocopies (as we were known to do...... cheaper in bulk) and plastered them all over the place (as we were known to do.... no wonder people hated us).

They responded by drawing up an issue of our comic, which we then hijacked and turned into an actual issue (see Volume 38) (once i get around to posting it).

‚ÄčI have no idea who Fred Grab is.

Fuck Fred Grab