I really need to get some better quality images up here.

But i don't know, and honestly don't really care to know, how this website nonsense works. This tin can i'm using doesn't even have photoshop. 

‚ÄčThe only reason i'm putting this stuff up is because it's long overdue.

Don't strain your eyes...... If you can't make out the text, this is what it says:

" Dear Mr. Vena, Our company would like to thank you for responding to our ad in the paper and sending us a sample of your artwork. You have a wonderful style and we enjoyed  looking at what you have done. Unfortunately, the clients we are working with now are looking for a different artistic look. We wish you all the luck with your cartoons and we have kept your name and phone number for the future. Thank you for your submission.................."  

I originally thought this letter came straight from the denial department of Heavy Metal Magazine. Because i sent them a stack of comics for consideration. Just for a laugh. As if Heavy Metal would ever print this dreck. There's not even any naked ladies in it. But i just found the original letter from Heavy Metal (see below), and it is most definitely not this.

Then i remembered that this came from a company that was looking for somebody to illustrate a children's book. I sent them a stack of comics for an even bigger laugh. I have no idea where that letter might be.

But you've already read it.


If you want the honest truth.... as far as looks go, this is by far my favourite issue of this comic. And by "by far", i mean it Just barely beats out Volume 37.

And neither got the widespread plastering that most of the others did.